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“With Spoonshot’s technology, Primo Foods has enhanced its understanding of local market needs, global food trends, and is building a new level of conviction for our innovation pipeline.”

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Food Brain Predicts...Trends 2023 & Beyond

According to a recent report by Pitchbook, VCs poured over $39 billion dollars in the food tech space in 2021 alone. This is twice the amount of funding food tech companies received previous year. But have you wondered where this money is going?

Now, more than ever before, consumers are looking for a different kind of experience from food and beverage companies. By looking at historical metrics you can only paint half a picture because consumer expectations will change over the next 10 years.

Spoonshot's expertise in consumer trends prediction helps F&B companies accurately understand what consumers want and make more confident decisions about their next steps.

In this report, we’re bringing you emerging trends that will expand not just over 2023, but will endure well into the future.

Our A.I. powered #foodbrain leverages over 28,000 sources of data to bring you only the hottest insights and trends that matter before they become huge.

Here's what we’re covering:
✅ 6 food & beverage trends for 2023 emerging amidst a rapidly changing world
✅ AI-powered data from multiple sources backing up their growth
✅ Detailed & easy-to-understand charts
✅ Hot topics in the F&B industry and how your brand can leverage them

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