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Discover 25 Emerging Brands That Have Pushed The Boundaries Of Food & Beverage Innovation!

“Necessity is the mother of invention,” goes the old adage, and never has it been truer, especially in the food and beverage space. Companies are responding to the ever-diversifying demands of consumers by developing products they need today and even some for tomorrow.

A few will stand the test of time, while others may be ahead of theirs. In either case, innovation is just the start of the journey - and we at Spoonshot, by leveraging our AI #foodbrain, will be uncovering and showcasing a curated list of innovative brands - from startups to emerging companies that are looking to shake up the industry and the needs they are addressing.

We want to applaud these companies and their forward-thinking application but we also want to learn from them.

In this report, you will get to know -

  • What trends and signals drove these companies to create these products
  • What challenges did they face in developing these products
  • How have consumers responded
  • How many products were analyzed
  • What factors were used to determine the shortlist

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