Sugar Reduction


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Sugar Reduction: 
A Bittersweet Pill


Over the last decade, there have been growing calls to reduce the amount of sugar in our diet as a growing number of chronic conditions can be linked to excessive consumption. This has resulted in the evolution of an entire industry searching for new solutions to replace or reduce sugar.

Sugar is perhaps one of the least controversial ingredients and somehow also the most. Doctors and social media influencers tell us to stay away from it, but some of our most beloved packaged foods are full of it.

In this white paper, we delve into the world of sugar, a bit about its history and its importance in food production.
We touch upon:

  • Why sugar reduction is becoming increasingly important for health
  • Consumer sentiment with regard to sugar & sugar replacers across multiple channels
  • Emerging technologies and ingredients that may hold the key to sugar replacement
  • What the future may hold for sugar

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