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Primo Foods


Seafood, the next frontier of Alt Protein

One third of the global freshwater fish populations are in danger of extinction. Given the issues of excessive and unsustainable fishing practices and rising ocean temperatures, the potential in the space of fish and seafood alternatives is huge.

However, it comes with its own set of challenges. Spoonshot's AI powered #foodbrain suggests the main barriers to the growth of this category are still largely the flavor and texture, based on product reviews by consumers.

In this report, not only do we analyse the consumer associations with vegan seafood which (hint:) are already starting to show a positive trend but also look at some key factors that could potentially disrupt the business category:

  • Most popular ingredients that can improve the consumption experience
  • New product launches & startups that are causing waves in the category based on novelty & flavor compatibility
  • What consumers want from clean-label plant based foods.
  • Spoonshot's take on the category & the way forward for alternative seafood

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